Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ghost Hunters Besties

Kari Black knew that her next investigation was going to be good, as she'd been to her fair share of allegedly haunted prisons that actually turned out to be thriving. After thirty minutes of prep work, setting up night-vision cameras, and installing batteries in several miniature electronics; Kari finally made her way into the cell with the most reported activity of all.

She wasn't alone - she was joined by her closest friend, and fellow investigator - Julie Wells. Julie immediately turned on her voice recorder as they entered the room, and set up a flashlight in the center of the concrete floor. Julie then sat down next to the already cross-legged Kari, and stretched her legs out. She opted for a skirt that night, and the cold concrete ran goosebumps up the back of her legs, and over her ass, in areas she didn't know could tingle. The panties she wore didn't exactly provide much coverage.

"Wooo", Julie giggled. Kari turned her head to Julie and asked what the matter was. "Oh, um, the floor's just colder than I thought... can we start our EVP session now?" Kari nodded her head in the dark, but Julie could see just a sliver of her silky sand-colored skin in the flashlight's glow. Kari raised her microphone and asked a few simple questions for any spirit that may be in the room with them. "We heard you've been roaming this cell, making noise. Some people have even seen your shadow. So, why not come out and show us what you're made of?"

Kari paused for any reply, and heard nothing. Julie interjected, "We're two lonely girls sitting here... we just want to know there's someone in here with us." Julie glanced down at the flashlight in the center of the room. "How about going to that light over there," Julie said, as she pointed in the pitch dark, "and just push it over. We won't be mad!"

Kari looked over at Julie and smiled. She had taught her well. Kari had known Julie for four years... since her senior year. They'd grown very close, and Julie had taken interest in everything Kari liked - including paranormal investigations. Kari's smile slowly receded as she became embarrassed. Even though it was dark, she was worried Julie had seen her smile, and what lie beneath it. In just the past few months, Kari had experienced strange and new feelings for Julie... every time Julie would so much as brush against her arm, or push Kari's hair back from her face, Kari's heart would pound out of her chest. She hadn't dared speak of her feelings, and it was quickly becoming a guilt that she kept inside.

Julie interrupted Kari's thoughts with an "Ugggh." She quickly stood up and informed Kari that the prison was "probably a bust", as this was the main cell presented to them as having activity. The rest of the prison was completely sealed, apart from the main entrance, and they weren't allowed to explore. The owner's had been at least kind enough to leave them keys to these main areas overnight.

Kari agreed halfheartedly, as she had truthfully not been paying much attention to the debunking at hand. She was working up the nerve in her head to finally tell Julie what was going on. As Kari bit her lip, staring at the now blank spot on the floor where the flashlight had been, Julie walked over to her. Kari had her chin resting on her hand, and was staring glassily at nothing in particular. Julie waved the light back in forth in her face, and Kari seemed to wake out of her trance. "Kari, are you okay, sweetie?" Julie questioned. Kari gulped big, almost hurting her throat. "Well," Kari began, with the word coming out as more of a squeak, "that's actually what I've wanted to talk to you about... I mean, what's been bothering me - I, I don't know if I'm okay anymore."

Julie scrunched up her forehead in genuine worry, and knelt down to put her hand on Kari's shoulder. Kari instantly felt relieved, and was able to continue. "Jules, I know we've been friends for a long time now... and, I've grown to love you like a sister." Julie grinned from ear to ear as Kari ashamedly looked back to the concrete. "But, actually, it's passed that now... I am feeling something more. I can't even be around you without feeling like I'm having a... god... an orgasm."

Julie slipped out of her kneeling position, and her legs folded to the side as she put her weight on one hand, listening intently. "I've... I've just been so, so scared that you'll hate me for it. But, I can't keep going like this. I just had to spit it out, because I'd trust you with my life, and you're... the most important thing I have..."

Kari slowly raised her eyes from the floor, as she felt a single tear creeping out. Her eyes met Julie's, and she could now make out her face perfectly, as the flashlight in Julie's hand was limply facing upward. Julie was noticeably pale now, and Kari felt her stomach fall. Julie's mouth was even agape. Finally, Julie swallowed before breaking the long silence.

"Kari... I..." Julie began shaking her head side to side, "I've felt the same way. I was going to ask you to move in with me just, ... just next month even. I wanted to see where we could go, and if it could even work between us. You saying this... this is the best thing that's ever happened to me. No man has ever made me feel like you have." Julie still looked shocked, and her eyes were tired from the night investigation; but she was now grinning again, with her eyes full of tears barely held back by her beautiful lashes. She sat her flashlight on the floor next to Kari, with the light still shining up on their smooth faces.

Julie's hand was now shaking, as she slowly lifted it to Kari's face. She cautiously put it to her warm cheek, and pulled Kari's face closer to her own. Kari felt a weight lift off her shoulders as she leaned forward on both hands, and pressed her plump lips up against her best friend's. Julie struggled to close her mouth around Kari's lips, as she fought back her own grin.

As Kari advanced her tongue into Julie's open mouth, she closed her eyes - and failed to notice her flashlight rising off the ground. As Julie happily moaned, the light rocketed through the prison bars, leaving them alone - on the floor, in the pitch black darkness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



It's September 11th, 2001, and I wake up. Immediately, I reach to clear my eyes, and find myself struggling to raise my hands.

     "What the..."

My arms won't move at all, and I assume I slept on top of them. I raise my head slightly, and see a horrible sight. My body cannot move at all because I am completely chained down. I appear to be... on a stretcher!

     "HEY... HEY! WHERE, WHO..."

I can barely breathe, I am tied down so tightly; let alone talk. I decide to try a different approach, and attempt to move the entire stretcher with momentum. Bad idea. After a few violent attempts, I manage to turn the stretcher over... face first, into the brutal tile floor.

Now I'm not only tied upside down, but my face is wet with blood, as my head met the hard surface bluntly.

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Handicapped" - Short Story

I woke up today. I have no idea how long I've been asleep. It took my eyes a very long time to adjust to the darkness surrounding me. At last I heard the familiar clicking of a fluorescent bulb struggling to turn on. In the moments of flickering, I forced my tired neck to rise from the table and get a better look at my surroundings.

In my confusion, I didn't know where to look first. As I tried to sit up further, I realized something was very wrong. I wish I hadn't looked down. What once was there was now gone. I found my head connected to an immobile stump of a torso. From within this room suddenly came a demonic voice. "At least you'll have a better parking space!"

Monday, November 5, 2007

Double Crossed


Here is what I know up until this point. I was born on September 18th, 1984. I know this much because I've been piling up stacks of dated and marked newspapers and magazines neatly since September 18th, 1984. What else could I do? Wait, I can answer that - not much of anything. That is why I am marking this down today... and for however many more days I am incarcerated. Ah, the truth comes out. I am being held against my will.

So, now that we've clarified that I have been in here for quite some time, I think it best to start at the beginning of it all. It looks like I have plenty of time to write, so let us get underway.

September 18th, 1984

Seems like such a long time ago. Then again, when you are stuck in here, memories blend together and fade away over time. If I did not start taking notes, so much could have been lost. If someone arrives in this world and is immediately locked in a room, could you call everything they had at that point a gift? Did I really receive gifts on my first birthday, or was all of this junk here before I was born? I guess it doesn't really matter, I am here now - no way to change that.

On September 18th I spent my first day in this room. Of course I remember nothing of it. The only thing I have to go off of, like I mentioned earlier, are these piles of newspapers from San Bernardino, California. I suppose that is where I am currently located, but I don't think it would be that hard to get a newspaper from another city, state or country. Anyway, the newspapers arrive at precisely the same time every morning, 6 A.M. And even on the day I was born, a newspaper was delivered to my little cell. It would be a long time before I could read the thing.


You have to realize, I have had to learn what life is from what I have in this room. I've never seen outside this room, but I'm pretty sure that there is a world outside of it. I can surmise that because I've been reading my entire life - it is all I have to do. I get these newspapers, not to mention the encyclopedias and textbooks that fill this tiny room. I have siphoned all of the knowledge I can from what I have read, and I feel like I've read most of what is in here at least 30 times a piece, if not more. I know every typo by heart in these books and newspapers. If I ever get out of here, I'd like to become an editor - surely I have what it takes now.

Aside from the books, I have blank notepads, and some type of strange charcoal stick that is messy, but allows me to capture my thoughts, and learn. I use the textbooks that have given to me, and I think I have a pretty good knowledge of math and science. I do run into problems I cannot figure out, but with all of my free time, the answer eventually comes to me. I simply can't leave a problem incomplete. The odd thing is, as I have grown, the school books have grown with me... I've received newer copies with more complex subjects. So in that way, I feel like I am accomplishing something - it just doesn't matter much if I can't use it.

As I write this, my back is in severe pain. The one thing I do not receive in my holding cell is a comfortable bed and pillow. Instead, I have a stiff green canvased cot, and a makeshift pillow made out of a few old T-shirts tied into a ball. I would give anything for a real bed, like I've seen in the magazines and news articles. I'd love one of those form-fitting mattresses. As a result of sleeping on this cot for so many years, I am afraid I have experienced permanent damage to my back and spine. It hurts to stand for too long, and when the only thing you have to lay on is the bed that damaged your back, it isn't much of an option.

The room